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Michael Drolet -- 2005
Home Microphone Techniques


 Flute  {Flute} Right at the mouthpiece (use windscreen) or as illustrated  15-30 cm.
 Reeds  {Reeds} Work above bell, aimed at keys  30-45 cm.
 Brass  {Brass} Opposite bell  30-60 cm.
 Acoustic Bass  {Acoustic Bass} Opposite f-hole  15-30 cm.
 Acoustic Guitar  {Acoustic Guitar} Opposite f-hole  15-30 cm.
 Amplified Instrument  {Amplified Instrument} Directly in front  30-90 cm.
 Hi-Hat Cymbals  {Hi-Hat Cymbals} Directly above  30-60 cm.
 Toms and Bass Drum  {Toms and Bass Drum} Right over toms and inside kick drum, toms  30-60 cm.
 Overhead Drums  {Overhead Drums} Right above drums  30-60 cm.
 Leslie Organ  {Leslie Organ} Mic both high and low  30-90 cm.
 Piano  {Piano} Work inside lid, towards high notes  30-60 cm.
 Vocals  {Vocals} Stand or hand-held  3-6 cm.