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Michael Drolet -- 2017
Home C-117 Lab -- Windows Parallels


Some (12) of the iMac computers in C-117
are equipped with a program, Parallels.   Parallels creates a virtual machine (VM) which emulates (pretends to be) a PC running Windows 10.  This allows the iMac to run Windows software, like Reaper and Show Cue Systems.

Detailled below are the procedures to startup and shutdown a VM, and to connect the USB Audio Device to Windows. 

Failure to follow these procedures may render the iMac frustratingly unresponsive.


Power-up the iMac (if necessary) by pushing the Power Button on the rear left of the display.

The OS X Desktop, similar to this should appear.
Log into OS X (the iMac Operating System) as:
NAME: “theatre”
PASSWORD: “theatre”

OSX Login
Double-click on the Parallels Desktop  icon in the OS X Dock (bottom right corner).

Parallels Desktop Icon
A  window similar to this one should appear.

Click on the Windows 10 x64 Start button to launch a  virtual machine.
Fusion Win7x64
The Windows 10 desktop similar to this will appear.

You can now run Windows programs as if you were working on a dedicated Windows computer.
Win10 Desktop
At this point, if you plug your USB key into the iMac, this window will appear.

Choose "Windows 10 x64" to use you key with windows, Reaper and SCS.

If you hold down the "ALT" key while clicking, Parallels should remember your choice in the future.
Parallels USB key.

In order to make the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2  Sound Device available to the Windows VM, you need to perform the following steps.
Scarlett 2i2
Move the mouse to the top border of the screen and hover there until the Windows 10 x64 menu bar appears.

Click on “Devices”.
 Scroll down the list to “External Devices”.

Select “Scarlett 2i2 USB" to connect it to the virtual machine.”

USB and Bluetooth
Sound from Windows programs like Chrome, Reaper and Show Cue Systems will now be sent to the headphone jack on the 2i2, rather than to the speakers on the iMac display.
Parallels 2i2


Close any Windows programs you have been using. (ALT- F4)

Click on the Windows 10 Start button (bottom left corner). 
Click on “Shut down”.
Win10 Shutdown
Windows will shut down and a screen similar to this one should appear.
Parallels iMac Desktop
Move the mouse to the top border of the screen and click on “Parallels Desktop”.

Scroll down the list and click to select “Quit Parallels Desktop”.

Or type "COMMAND Q"

Close Parallels

The OS X Desktop, similar to this should appear.
OSX Desktop